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Basics on working with questions in ILIAS Learning Modules

An overview of all question types that can be created in the Learning Module is presented in this chapter. All questions in the Learning Module can be assessed automatically. The Learning Module is intended for self-study and thus should not need to be moderated. Therefore, the question type Free Input Question cannot be found in the Learning Module.
To create questions, it is always worthwhile to create a so-called Question Pool. The questions from the Question Pool can be used not only in the Learning Module but also in other tests without the necessity to create them again. Questions in the Learning Module can be chosen from existing Question Pool. However, there is no way to save changes made to the question into the Question Pool of in the Learning Module. This function is only available in a Test item.
The questions’ statistical assessment in the Learning Moduleis not as detailed as in the Test object.  Since the Learning Module is intended for self-learning, lecturers can only access aggregated results. To access the results, select the editing mode in the Learning Module and choose the “Questions” tab. You can see there how often the questions were answered and how many tries it took to answer the questions correctly.

If a certain trial limit in “Number of Tries” field was specified in the questions, this is also the area where users who have required more than the specified number of trials can be unblocked. If a trial limit is specified, please expect to be contacted by the students regarding the unlocking.
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