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General Information about the page editor

You can create a variety of blocks by clicking on the grey bar on the page you want to work on. You can see an overview of the various content blocks available here. More information about each content block can be accessed in the next pages.
The following content blocks can be created in all objects:
The order of the content elements can be rearranged at any time after creating them. You can do so by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on the selected content and dragging it to the grey bar where it is supposed to be.
The following contents are only available in some objects:

Question: nur im Learning Module
Data Table: available in all objects except Courses, Groups, and Categories
Resource List: only available in Courses, Groups and Categories
Page List: only available in Wiki
Map: available in Blog, Wiki, Courses, Groups, and Categories

These three content blocks are only available in Portfolio: Consultation Hours, Certificate, and My Courses
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