ILIAS of the Philipps-Universität Marburg
AutorInnen: Jun. Prof. Dr. Timo Mühlhaus, Dr. Jens Krüger, Prof. Dr. Björn Usadel, Cristina Martins Rodrigues M. Sc., Dr. Dirk von Suchodoletz

In modern hypothesis-based research, scientists are increasingly dependent on researchdata management (RDM) services and infrastructures that facilitate the collection,processing, exchange and archiving of research data sets. A modern, integrated RDMenables the linking of interdisciplinary expertise, the sharing of research for comparison andintegration of different analysis results and metadata studies with the immense additionalknowledge gained from them. The central aim of DataPLANT is to generate this added valuein the field of fundamental plant research. DataPLANT is designed to be user centric. All TaskAreas are directed towards the needs of the plant researcher as "data champions",whoknow best how to produce their data and what their data entails ranging from managementand standards via services to transfer and application. The structure ensures the usability inpractice and will lead to the formation of a central information resource for fundamental plantresearch. DataPLANT relies on the Annotated Research Context (ARC) concept of wellannotated and standardized research data. As such it functions as an interface between theresearch community and public repositories and allows reproducible and reliable data. Inaddition to measurement data, it includes (meta)data annotations as well as tools andscripts. Finally, it comprises a major step towards a data publication