What are Badges?

The word "Badge" stands for badge or award in English. The American police, for example, use badges to identify themselves. However, badges serve more as insignia in the game. A very well-known badge from everyday life is the swimming badge. The use of badges in games, serves to reward special achievements. The provision of such a badge can strengthen the motivation of a person playing or learning.
In ILIAS a message is displayed when you get a badge. However, this is easily overlooked. Afterwards, badges are visible for learners in their personal areas under "Learning history". They will remain there for a while. It is advisable to make learners aware of badges being issued so they know to look for them in their personal areas.
However, the feedback of having received the badge is not as present through this as through an award which can be seen directly in the course environment. With the tools of the page editor you can also show badges directly in the learning environment, as it is possible for example with the levels. Supplemented by immediate feedback after a test or a question, an award that is visible on the course interface may be better associated with the course itself.
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