General Information & Quick Links

On this page you will find tips and video tutorials on how to use BigBlueButton. It contains information on how to set up a webconference in BigBlueButon, interactivity during a BigBlueButton conference as well as support with frequentl occuring problems.

There are two different ways to create virtual meetings in the BigBlueButton conference environment.
  • In order to guarantee well-functioning operations during an online conference, the University Computer Center (‘Hochschulrechenzentrum’) provides access to the service via its website: Login-Page for BigBlueButton. Behind the multiple options on the webpage, you will find servers with different configurations to match the specificities of your chosen scenario. (Please note: The access through the option "Learning Groups" is still in development.)
  • Alternatively, you may gain access to the creation of BigBlueButton meetings via the creation of the ILIAS-Item 'Virtual meeting room'. This option provides you with specifications for your requirements as well.

  • Lastly, with the ILIAS-Item 'Weblink' you can place the permanent URL to one of your BigBlueButton conference rooms in your ILIAS-course.
Moderation and Interaction

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