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In a forum you can jointly sort questions and answers by topic. Furthermore, there is a subscription function. Forums can be used to document and analyze questions and exchanges and therefore offer statistical, moderating and evaluation functions. Forums can facilitate the exchange of the students among each other or with lecturers, especially in online courses with low or even no presence. Furthermore, collections of questions in form of a FAQ can perspectively minimize the administrative effort.
Since the videos are in German, please follow the English descriptions below.
  1. Click on “Add New Item” and select “Forum”.
  2. Choose a name for the forum and select “Add Forum”.
  1. Under the tab “Threads” select the button “New Thread”, to create a new topic.
  2. Name your thread and enter your first post in the text field “Posting”.
  3. With “Add Attachment” you can choose if you would like to add a file. Activating “Notifications” will cause an email to your inbox for every change that will be made in the thread.
  4. Confirm your input by clicking on “Create”.
  1. Under the tab “Thread” select a topic by clicking on it. The posts of the topic are now presented.
  2. By clicking on “Add Posting”, you create a new post of the topic you selected.
  3. Select “Reply”, to answer to a specific post.
  4. By clicking on the bell symbol in the right section at the head of the view, you can decide whether you would like to receive notifications on this thread.
  5. If you are a moderator of a forum, you can highlight single topics.
  6. For that select the topic in the thread overview by checking the box on the left side of each topic.
  7. Afterwards select the option “Make Threads Sticky” in the drop-down menu.
  8. Confirm your input by clicking on “Execute”. Afterwards the selected topics are highlighted.
  1. Under the tab “Settings” you can adjust the forums’ settings.
  2. Click on “Save” to confirm the adjustments for the forum.
  1. Select the tab “Moderators”.
  2. Enter the usernames in the intended text field and select “Add”.
  3. Alternatively you can add users of the current group as moderators. Therefore select the button “Add Users Of Current Group/Course” and select a user. By checking the box on the left of the displayed names and by clicking “Add” you add the selected users as moderators.
  1. Select the tab “Statistics”.
  2. Now you can see which persons wrote posts in the forum and how many post each person wrote.
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